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Kathy Goetsch, Director of Equalization
Appointed in 2006

 Kathy Goetsch began working for Davison County as a Deputy Auditor in April of 1996, and was appointed to the position of Auditor in December of 1996.

During her ten years in the Auditors Office, Kathy learned the calculations involved in property taxes pertaining to the budget and mill levies. Kathy was responsible for overall balancing and transmittal of all county funds, payroll, inventory, and elections. Kathy has taken a legal assistant/paralegal course and has worked as a Broker Associate Realtor.

In December of 2006 Kathy was appointed to the position of Director of Equalization. She is a Certified Assessor Appraiser and is required to take continuing education under the directive of the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation.

The main objective of the Director of Equalization is to assess all real property in the county. The office goal is to work diligently to establish and maintain a rotating schedule so all property is assessed on a routine basis.

Kathy appreciates the opportunity to work for the taxpayers of Davison County.

The Director of Equalization is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners along with the mayor of any single municipality containing over 50% or more of the population of the county.

The Director and his/her deputies are required to have or to study for and earn a Certified Assessor Appraiser (CAA) designation through the Department of Revenue within one year of appointment. Re-certification is required every 5 years and is accomplished by attending annual school and passing prescribed courses, attending conferences and workshops sponsored by the South Dakota Association of Assessing Offices (SDAAO) and the South Dakota Department of Revenue.

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